Philosophy of the School:

TNT School of Self Defense is committed to providing the highest quality martial arts
instruction and training
, in a friendly, positive atmosphere. Our staff of instructors are
highly trained and qualified to guide you through your training. At TNT, people of all
ages, with or without previous martial arts experience, can learn to defend themselves,
get a great workout, have fun, and ultimately improve as individuals. Our main goal is to
provide top quality martial arts instruction and training. We are not oriented toward
tournaments or taking tests for belts -- the only person you have to compete with at
TNT is yourself. We offer separate classes for
adults and children, and we teach
specific course material for specific age groups. This way everyone gets the most
benefit from the instruction. We believe that the goal of martial arts is ultimately to
develop the individual to a higher level. To this end, we encourage you to try as many
of the arts as you would like and find one that suits you best.

Hanshi Rick Davis, Owner, TNT School of Self Defense

If you are interested Progressive Jujitsu and live in the Hillsboro area, contact Sensei Billy Olson at 254-221-5388.

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