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Philosophy of the School:

About us

TNT SCHOOL OF SELF DEFENSE is an eclectic martial arts academy where you can find the art of your choice at one location. Our programs consist of competitive sport fighting, self defense arts, and cultural arts. We have separate curriculum for adults and juniors. Our instructors consist of state and national champions and martial arts hall of famers with experience levels unrivaled anywhere in the country. Your satisfaction with the quality of instruction and the content of the curriculum is guaranteed.

My thoughts…

Regardless of your age I sincerely believe that martial arts training with good instruction can instill confidence and self worth and teach one how to be a better person. I believe the attributes learned in martial art training can give one an advantage in his or her future. One of the ways this is accomplished is by the merit promotion process. Students are promoted based on merit and not attendance. Each colored belt represents a ranking the student has earned. Each belt level has its own structured curriculum requirements that must be met and demonstrated at a formal test. Regardless of the students rank he/she will be proud that it was earned through hard work and practice. I have seen students so shy and with so little sense of self worth they could not look me in the eye, beam with pride when they earned their first belt promotion.

We cannot ignore the fact our culture is radically changing and not just for the better. People are being told their very existence is a gift to humanity and they are entitled to live a life of no hardships and to never be offended. This ‘Post Modern’ philosophy has led to the breakdown of good order and discipline which can only be achieved through an environment based on proper respect for authority.

The word “Martial” means “pertaining to the military” therefore we are a “Sir” and “Mam” school. Instructors expect, and deserve, to be called by their rank or by “Sir” or “Mam”. Good order and discipline is also required for the safety of all involved. The techniques you will learn are designed to seriously injure an opponent. Being able to practice with a training partner without injuring him or her will not only insure no one is injured, it will insure you always have a training partner.

If you are looking for a martial art school I hope you will give us a chance. I think you will like what you see, what you learn, the training environment, and most of all, the people you will meet. If you want to compete we have the very best training program. If you are interested in learning to defend yourself and your family in a deteriorating society we can greatly increase your odds of surviving a violent attack.

Hanshi Rick Davis
Colonel (ret) USAF

If you are interested Progressive Jujitsu and live in the Hillsboro area, contact Sensei Billy Olson at 254-221-5388.

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