3rd Blue
  1. Dojo and safety rules
  2. Fundamental Principles
  3. Sutemi: Simple, rolling, side rool, back roll
  4. Yawara: 1-10
  5. Nage no Kata: 1, 4, 5, & 20
  6. Basic Moves in Self-defense: Hands:1&2,
    Feet:1&2, Blocks 1&2
2nd Blue
  1. All Sutemi, with hands
  2. Yawara, All
  3. Nage 1-12
  4. History of DanZan Ryu
1st Blue
  1. All Sutemi no hands
  2. The ability to teach Sutemi and Yawara
  3. All Nage no Kata
  1. Ability to throw nage both sides while moving
  2. Shime no Kata 1-14
  3. The ability to teach Nage
  4. History of Kodokan Judo
  5. Demonstrate and explain types of exercises
3rd Brown
  1. All Shime no Kata
  2. Oku no Kata 1-9
  3. All Suplemental Nage
  4. Ability to Explain the Esoteric Principles
2nd Brown
  1. All Oku no Kata
  2. All Jokyu Yawara
  3. The ability to teach Shime no Kata
  4. Principles of Balance and Leverage as
    related to jujitsu
  5. Basic Training techniques and Massage
  6. Names of Major bones of the body
  7. Knowledge of Jujitsu tournament rules
  8. Experience in Randori or Mohojiai
1st Brown
  1. All Suplemental Shime
  2. All "Basic movies in Self-defense"
  3. Ability to teach Oku no Kata
  4. Names of major muscles
  5. Ability to diagram location of the major
    organs of the body
  6. Participation in Kata contest
  7. Basic history of different styles of martial arts
  1. Assist in teaching class for a minimum of 6
  2. Shinin no Maki 1-10
  3. Kappo: Segatsu, Nukikatsu, No Kappo,
    Ashikatsu, Hung Gatsu, Kin Gatsu, Hanaji
    Dome, Tanden Katsu
  4. A.R.C. Standard First Aid Card
  5. CPR card
  6. Knowledge of training and taping techniques
  7. Ability to explain "JU" in Judo and Jujitsu as
    related to the Esoteric Principles of Jujitsu
  8. Minimum age of 16 years old.
  9. Participation in a Kata Contest within the
    past year
  10. AJJF specified blocks, strikes, kicks, knife
    and gun defenses
  11. Recommendation of Sensei

Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu
Rank Requirements